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My dumb ass brother and his Abusive best friend (a short rant from a stressful situation) 

I dunno how to feel after that lil bitchfit you threw about how “you got the place” and how “I’m always in the living room” you dumb ass you’re the one that decides to stay shut up in your room and now we’ll do the same so shut the fuck up you have no right to complain. You wouldn’t have even gotten the place if I wasn’t willing to help pay too, so you better think twice before you run your damn mouth fucking think twice before you speak ever heard of “foot in mouth?” You say you have empathy but you obviously don’t you couldn’t give a shit about if we felt safe at home, you barely listen to other people and get irrational in most of what you do, I don’t blame a lot of people for being so in hate with you. You demand my respect but you don’t even let me speak my own god damn mind when I try to give my input, so what gives you the right to think you deserve this Ex-Brother’s respect.

I wrote this because my brother recently put Daphne and I in a very stressful situation. His best friend, who used to emotionally abuse Daphne when he was our roommmate ended up homeless and surprise surprise we get told right then that he’ll be staying with us for about 2 weeks. Now, he’s done some pretty serious and terrible shit outside of emotionally abusing and leaving a permanent anxiety inducing mark on the one I hold dearest ro my heart. I was very against it, but was od course unable to get a single word in as the “bearers of bad news” just kept cutting me off and I ended up going bonkers after a while. I am ashamed to say I absolutely lost my shit today completely lost my sense of trust and feelings of kinship for my “family” after this incident. Their complete lack of understanding in this situation and the amount of ignorance involved is sickening. We’re staying at Daphne’s mothers for the time being because we just can’t stand to be around him and feel super unsafe. We’re worried about the animals we couldn’t take with us because his best friend also tends to abuse animals. Just all around a shittt deal I think. I am still baffled that they felt it would be a “manageable” ordeal. They don’t act like Daphne being emotionally abused was a serious thing. This also makes me ridiculously sick. 


Why do I do this

I do believe,

There is the need,

To cut back on pot.

The constant abuse,

I subject myself to,

Has left my thoughts quite fuzzy.

My writing too,

 has greatly suffered,

And the effort required,

To try to remember,

Leaves me quite bothered. 

But for whatever reason,

I still can’t stop.


I find myself,

Smoking too much pot. 

So my question,

To me,


“What the hell man,

Don’t you know how badly this is affecting me too?”