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Disrespect, Abuse and my “wife” (A personal update about a fucked up situation)

*Spoiler* (the person I’m talking about, the “abuser”, is the absolute worst person I’ve ever been cursed to know) We used to have a roommate who was my brother’s best friend, and for some god awful reason still is. He recently ended up homeless (probably got himself kicked out again, for being a shit person, like usual) so my brothr and mother came over to “talk” to us about it. What happened instead, was that they forced him upon us, giving us no choice or chance to speak. Just waltzed into the living room  said “somebody’s homeless, so they’re staying here for a week and a half!” I snapped! I LOST MY SHIT! I couldn’t help it, though. You see, he would emotionally abuse Daphne physically abuse the cat’s when no one else was around. My brother and mother have refused to take what happened to Daphne seriously, and so the fact they just decided it would  alright for him to come and stay even a little bit. Daphne and I have been staying at her mother’s in the meantime and Daphne was having breakdowns for a few days after because seeing that piece of shits face and hearing his voice brought everything back. Thinking about it stilm causes me to be unable to think straight, so I apologize for the structure not being entirley in order. The whole mess here though, is such a lack of respect and understanding. I’m apalled my family could be this daft and uncaring, especially to me and Daphne, who is essentially my wife now, which causes even more rage that they would do this to the one I hold dearest. I’m nervous to go back, though, becauseI have to talk to them and get them to understand what they did wrong, how it was wrong and why they shouldn’t have thought it was an ok idea even in the slightest. I have very little faith that they’ll get it and I feel a mother is going to lose her son and a brother will lose his brother, because they crossed a line and there’s no turning back to how it used to be.


Sleepless (A haiku about Daphne and another little update) 

She no longer sleeps,

Distraught with the need for sleep,

Daphne has been having an impossible time sleeping lately. She can no longer get comfortable for long and of course if she misses sleep I’m likely to follow, so we’re trying to get it fixed but are not really sure what to do at the moment.

A Haiku and blurb about Daphne

She is an artist,

She adapted the skill well,

I get free drawings. 

Daphne is trying to make a job of drawing for commission and I believe in her one hundred percent. Her skill in digital art is absolutely amazing and she got me hooked on it, my skill has improved slightly since we’ve started drawing together a bit too. I’m very confident that someday she’ll be a very successful artist and I can’t wait to see that day. 


For quite some time now I’ve been wanting to write a song, which is so much harder than I thought it would be. I’ve been able to get chorus’ written and sometimes a verse or two but then I lose focus and can’t actually complete it, I then get way too stoned and keep forgetting where I put my papers and little tidbits of songs get lost around the house for week’s sometimes hahaaa. I used to write parodies when I was younger though, and I think the only one I completed was a parody of Ke$ha’s Tik-Tok about somebody stealing my dog from the front yard. The latest one I had tried was a my little pony parody of welcome to the black parade by My Chemical Romance. I only covered the bloody intro and got stuck. What I wrote is as follows; 

“When I was a young colt

Celestia took me into the city,

To see the wonderbolts.”

An update

It’s been a while since I posted anything. My inspirations come and go depending on the flow of my day to day business. Lately I’ve been drawing so I haven’t set aside anytime to write but that changes today! I plan on setting aside some time this evening to get into the rhythm of writing again and hopefully produce something half decent or some base ideas at the least.