Angry free verse rant? 

I got angry and wrote this on auto pilot sort of, so I’m not too sure how well it comes across. I lost fuel towards the end 

What the fuck 

Kind of world are we all

Living in? 

 Where little girls are being

Pressured into womanhood

Way too damn soon 

Half of them are brought up

Believing they can get famous

 If they show their tits and learn 

To fool around a little bit?

This peer pressure forced 

Upon the young

Honestly makes me so

God damn sick.

How’s a poor child

Supposed to know how

To wade through all this bullshit?

We need to find 

A new way of life

Free of all this socialistic

Fucked up fantasy shit.

Another sad

Tidbit is that

Little boys don’t get treated

Much better.

Learning when they’re young that it’s

“Cool” not to feel and 

That young girls only want

A guy who has money

A home and

A nice set of wheels.

But this is all bullshit

That’s widely accepted

And taught everywhere

So please tell me

What’re we supposed to do? 


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