A Haiku and blurb about Daphne

She is an artist,

She adapted the skill well,

I get free drawings. 

Daphne is trying to make a job of drawing for commission and I believe in her one hundred percent. Her skill in digital art is absolutely amazing and she got me hooked on it, my skill has improved slightly since we’ve started drawing together a bit too. I’m very confident that someday she’ll be a very successful artist and I can’t wait to see that day. 


For quite some time now I’ve been wanting to write a song, which is so much harder than I thought it would be. I’ve been able to get chorus’ written and sometimes a verse or two but then I lose focus and can’t actually complete it, I then get way too stoned and keep forgetting where I put my papers and little tidbits of songs get lost around the house for week’s sometimes hahaaa. I used to write parodies when I was younger though, and I think the only one I completed was a parody of Ke$ha’s Tik-Tok about somebody stealing my dog from the front yard. The latest one I had tried was a my little pony parody of welcome to the black parade by My Chemical Romance. I only covered the bloody intro and got stuck. What I wrote is as follows; 

“When I was a young colt

Celestia took me into the city,

To see the wonderbolts.”

Daphne’s birthday: A quick haiku and update 

Her birthday is soon,

She waits ever patiently,

For Andromeda. 

My girlfriends birthday is coming up on the 27th of this month (A little after ME: Andromeda releases) and all she wants is Mass Effect: Andromeda. She’s beaten the 3 Mass Effects countless times, obsesses over them like crazy and has been obsessing over Andromeda since it was announced. I honestly can’t wait to see the look of joy on her face when I get it for her birthday.