“Just happy”

To my conservative family,

Being “Just Happy”,

Is just being nothing,

And I have nothing but joy,

Going for me.

Why is “Just Happy”,

Now considered,

A crime? 

If it’s all I want,

From this fleeting life,

Why can’t,

My family,

Just be happy,

For me. 


Nny and Daphne

I love this woman,

With all of my life.

She was the first,

To truly love and accept,

Me and all my troubles.

On occasion,

There’ll be a fight,

And I always end up hating myself,

For forgetting that,

She has her own troubles too.

I guess,

That in the end,

She’ll always be,

Right there, by my side.

I will try,

And keep on trying,

Until I get it right,

To be the man that she deserves.

This woman that I hold oh so dear,

And love,

With all my life. 

Why do I do this

I do believe,

There is the need,

To cut back on pot.

The constant abuse,

I subject myself to,

Has left my thoughts quite fuzzy.

My writing too,

 has greatly suffered,

And the effort required,

To try to remember,

Leaves me quite bothered. 

But for whatever reason,

I still can’t stop.


I find myself,

Smoking too much pot. 

So my question,

To me,


“What the hell man,

Don’t you know how badly this is affecting me too?”